Pastor’s Desk December 17th

Scripture Passage:  “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord ponders the hearts.”  Proverbs 21:2
     Dear Friends, “How do you plead, guilty or not guilty.”  The words ring in your ears as the judge begins your trial.  It will not be a jury trial.  The final verdict will be reserved for the judge.  This judge has the ability to tell when you are lying and can read your heart and mind.  He also has a complete record listing all the evidence against you.  There are three charges brought against you by the prosecutor.  The first charge is misappropriation of funds.  You are being charged with misusing the abilities, talents, and funds left to your trust.  They were never yours.  They were entrusted to you by THE BOSS to be used for the benefit of everyone in the company.  You are being charged with using them for your own benefit or the benefit of your friends and family. 
     The second charge is absenteeism and desertion.  You are being charge with dereliction of duties.  This is a very serious charge.  Some of the individuals placed under your care and leadership have been badly hurt or even died due to your neglect.  The job description was laid out clearly in the company manual.  “The Book” was written by THE BOSS and contained everything needed for the success of the company.  THE BOSS left orders for all decisions to be made according to the standards set forth in the manual.  You are accused of changing some of those standards to meet your own opinions and the company has suffered greatly because of it.
     The third charge is the most serious of all.  You are no longer loyal to THE BOSS or the company so you are charged with treason.  When THE BOSS found you, you were destitute with no way out or no place to go but Hell.  He rescued you, cleaned you up, and changed your direction.  For a time you were thankful and appreciative.  Your love for THE BOSS was evident in everything you did.  That has now changed and you act as if THE BOSS owes you something. You have promoted yourself as boss and have taken things that belong to Him as your own.  THE BOSS left His Personal Assistant with you to answer all questions and to serve as your board of directors.  Every decision was to be discussed with Him before they were relayed to the company.  He will testify that you have stopped listening to Him and even shut Him out of the Board Room.   These are serious charges against you.  How do you plead to the first charge of misappropriation of funds? How do you plead to the second charge of dereliction of duties?  How do your plead to the third charge of treason?  You may be seated.  Let the trial begin.