Pastor’s Desk July 23rd

Scripture Passage:  “For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office.”  Romans 12:4     Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith.”  Romans 12:6

Dear Friends,

     What are you good at?  What lights your fire and causes you to burn with passion?  God put you here for a reason.  He equipped you with certain abilities and assigned you certain tasks.  They may seem little to you and insignificant, but they are identifying marks that make you unique.  When the subject is broached your facial expression changes, your voice exudes confidence and your body suddenly radiates life.  That is your life’s purpose.  Since God gave it to you, find out how you can use it for Him and make a difference for others.  I have heard it said that if you get to do something you love, you never work a day in your life.  Even if it is not the way you support yourself it may be your reason for living.  It gives you a reason for getting out of bed each day and something to look forward to. It is a source of joy and one of the things you are passionate about. 

     I want to tell you about my Uncle Buddy.  His real name is J.L. Leonard but my momma named him Buddy when they were little because he was also her best friend.  My papaw was a truck driver and a hard, harsh speaking man.  My mamaw was a housewife who made do with whatever she had.  Papaw was gone all the time, so the responsibility of raising and caring for the family fell to mamaw.  As a little boy, Buddy began working on Semi trucks.  Papaw would come in from a run, tell Buddy what to take apart, and then go to bed.  When he got up they would go get the part and put it all back together again.  It was not for pleasure but out of necessity that Buddy became very good at mechanic work.  After graduating high school, he began working his way up through the ranks of the Mason Dixon Trucking Corporation as well as working for private garages.  He worked hard and became very successful as a mechanic as well as a business man.  He is one of the heroes that I and my family look up to.  When Buddy’s name is mentioned in the family it is always with confidence and pride.  He is a long time Christian and faithful church member.  His entire life has been based on and around family, work, and church and making sure all are properly cared for. 

     Recently my brother began to have problems with an older model pickup he drives to work.  He bought it new and has serviced and maintained it so that it still looks and runs good after 30 years.  Reputable mechanics worked on it, would think it was fixed and send it home.  He would drive it only to find himself stranded again when it failed to start.  It would run 9 out of 10 times perfectly only to quit that one other time.  Bobby finally called Uncle Buddy out of desperation.  All the other mechanics had given up or were just tired of “fooling with it.”  Buddy, who is in his seventies now, took it and drove it around on his daily routine chores.  He thought he had it fixed several times, only to have it quit again.  He traced, tested, and drove it time after time until he finally figured it out.  He told my momma, he couldn’t stand to be outdone. He called this week for Bobby to come get it.  It is finally fixed.  The problem was a module that “had been replaced,” that had not been replaced!  What the machines could not figure out my Uncle Buddy did.  He still has a passion for excellence after all these years. 

     God made you and gives you the ability to be the solution to some of life’s problems.  Every problem presents a challenge and every challenge presents an opportunity.  Those who continue to rise to the challenge often live life with vigor and zest.  Are you up to God’s challenge?  Do what you do best and live life today to the fullest.

In Christ,

Pastor Johnny