Pastor’s Desk September 3rd

Scripture Passage: “And the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”   Genesis 2:15      “In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread, till you return unto the ground; for out of it were you taken; for dust you are, and unto dust shall you return.”  Genesis 3:19

Dear Friends,

     Happy Labor Day week.  Labor Day is a national holiday held on the first Monday in September to commemorate the working class.  It honors the American labor movement and the contributions the workers have made toward the prosperity of the nation.  The first unofficial celebration took place in New York City in 1882.  It became an official federal holiday in 1894 and is considered the unofficial end of summer.  Labor Day is a reminder that without the working class of people any nation can be brought to its knees. 

     The story of Labor Day reminded me of the first mention of work in the Bible.  God put man in the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it.  The Hebrew word for work is abad and denotes preparing and tending.  The Hebrew word for keep is shamar and denotes guarding and watching over.  Work did not come as a result of sin because it was in place before the fall of man.  Work was a part of the blessing of God and thus was not something to be avoided.  Work that produces fruit has always been a part of God’s plan for man and part of his leadership responsibility. He is not only responsible to tend God’s creation, but he is also accountable for guarding it.  I can only imagine what work was like before it hurt, made us tired, or caused us to sweat.  If I really want to do something and like what I am doing, it does not seem like work at all.  The satisfaction of a job well done still brings me a great sense of accomplishment and considerable joy.  The difference is always tied directly to our perception and how highly we value our work.

     Adam and Eve could not have known the far reaching consequences of their sin against God.  The ground that was once fertile, productive, and weed free became tainted with obstacles that would take what had been the very best and turn it in to good or mediocre.  The work that had been easy before would be considerably harder now. It would only bear fruit after a great struggle had taken place.  Eve would go from the extreme satisfaction and joy of childbirth and being a help mate unto the man to the magnanimous pain of bringing a baby into the world.  Her satisfaction with the man would turn into a constant struggle between her and the man and the leadership role in the marriage. From that moment on, everything they would enjoy and find pleasure in would be related in some way to this thing we call work. 

     So in conclusion, a great big thank you and shout of appreciation for all of you that make up  the working class in this great big wheel we call life.  There are no unimportant jobs or insignificant people when it comes to the success and prosperity of a nation such as ours. Every part of our society has a job to do and a role to fill if we are to survive.  Take pride in who you are the job you have done and know it is people like you who have made us the great nation we are today.  Be blessed.

In Christ,

Pastor Johnny