Pastor’s Desk April 20th

Scripture Passage:   “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.”   Proverbs 17:6

Dear Friends,

    Let me tell you about my grandchildren.  As much as I love my children, I think I like my grandchildren more.  It has often been said that if I knew grandchildren would be this much fun, I would have had them first.  I really believe what I like so much is when I get tired of them, I send them home to their parents.  There are many grandparents called upon to raise their grandchildren who do not have that luxury.  If called upon, Patty and I would gladly do the same.  It would, however, require a major adjustment to our lifestyle. 

     Patty and I have four grandchildren- two girls and two boys.  Cadence is nine and Finley is almost one year old.  Kenner is ten and JP is three.  It is interesting to watch them play together.  The older ones cater to the younger ones and make really good babysitters.  Parents and grandparents watch over the whole crew and referee when disputes arise.  My grandchildren love to come to my house and play at “Johnnywood.”  I open the basement, garage, and outbuilding and say “Have at it.”  They play in the sandbox, ride bicycles, shoot basketball and write on the pavement with sidewalk chalk.  When dark comes, they work puzzles, play games, watch movies, and play on the computer.  When time comes to go to bed, they sleep on a pallet Grand momma has made them on the floor.  I hope when they grow up they will look back on these times with fond memories of spending time at Paw and Grand momma’s house. 

     If the glory of children are their father’s, why is more not said about fathers?  Could it be that too many men fail to set the example of what a good father should be like?It seems that too many men are short tempered, impatient, and too busy to spend time with the kids.  If they are off work, they do things they want to do and often find things to do to be away from their spouse and their children.  If they have to be around the children, they become ill-tempered and make life miserable for everyone.  A child needs a father who lives and patterns his life after the Heavenly Father.  Of all the honors I have received down through the years, nothing brings me more pleasure than the privilege of being dad and paw. 

In Christ,

Pastor Johnny