Pastor’s Desk April 27th

Scripture Passage:  “Whoso finds a wife finds a good thing; and obtains favor of the Lord.”    Proverbs 18:22


Dear Friends,

     A couple of weeks ago I visited a local parts store.  I was the only one in there at the time so it did not take long for me to get what I came for.  One of the young clerks came out from the back and the other clerks began to rib him about his upcoming wedding.  We were all married except for him, so you can only imagine the torment we put him through.  I began by saying that marriage can be the best thing to ever happen to you or it can be the worst.  One of the other young married men piped in with, “Yeh, It’s according to what day it is and what kind of mood She is in.”  We all had a good natured laugh at the expense of women everywhere.  The funny thing was there was not a woman present anywhere, so our courage and marriage expertise went forth freely and unquestioned.  The young man just smiled and went back to his work. 

     Sometime around 1976 a man, his wife, and two daughters began attending the church I grew up in.  He was a truck driver and farmer, his wife a school teacher.  The daughters were in the band with me so I knew of them from ballgames and trips. It wasn’t long until I was asked to help cut tobacco and put up hay.  This went on for several years as well as church, movies, sleigh rides, and trips to “Haint Holler.”  In December of 1979, I came home from college for Christmas break and was invited to the Blair house for a Christmas party.  We ate, played games, and eventually settled down to listen to music.  As the music played the youngest Blair girl and I talked and held hands.  As the night progressed so did the romance.  The best day of my life ended with a kiss.  The rest is history.

     From that day forward, Patty and I became inseparable.  So did her daddy and I.  Every free das as well as minute ended up being spent on the farm.  I would drive in every Friday evening from college and go straight to her house.  Every Saturday I did not have a ballgame at ETSU was spent working with Patty’s dad.  The evenings, either way, were spent with Patty.  Over the course of three years, we dated and were married on December 18th 1982.  It was the second best day of my life. 

     The two best days of my life I have described to you are physical.  The only thing better is the day the Lord saved me.  According to Solomon, these “best days” are also spiritual because they were evidence of God’s favor upon my life.  I found a good thing when I found Patty, and I hope you have found your good thing in the person you married or are dating.  If you have, you are truly blessed.

In Christ,


Pastor Johnny