Pastor’s Desk February 17th

Scripture Passage:  “Come let us take our fill of love until morning: let us solace (delight) ourselves with love.”   Proverbs 7:18

Dear Friends,

     Solomon’s proverb in chapter 7 is the story of a married woman who seduces a naïve young man to commit adultery with her while her husband is away.  I tried to find something else to write about besides sexual immorality, but the entire chapter is dedicated to the advice to flee such abominations against God.  The scene opens with the witness standing at his window watching the story unfold.  The witness could see more clearly what was taking place than the young man could.  The young man was willingly being led astray like an ox going to slaughter and a fool to the stocks.  By the time he figured out what was happening, the deed was done and his life was ruined.

     The young man is described as void of understanding.  He was void of understanding because he ignored all the warning signs and gave way to sexual enticement.  Apparently he knew about this woman and her reputation and wanted to be aroused by her enticing allure.  So he went to the street corner near her house under cover of darkness.  He wanted what she was offering and placed himself in a situation to be the recipient of her seductions.  He was attracted to her beauty and sexy attire.  He was fascinated by her filthy language and incited by its sordid insinuations. His desire became enraged by her passionate kisses and shameless display of affection.  He was captured by her attention and the special way it made him feel.  He was smitten by her unbridled passion so his actions ceased to be attributed to good sense and more to his testosterone level. 

     This married woman was much wiser in the ways of the world than this unsuspecting naïve young man.  She was relentless in her seduction.  She described her bed in detail from the carved works to the fine linen of Egypt.  From her description of the perfume, the young man could almost smell the myrrh, aloe, and cinnamon.  Her offer of extended sexual pleasure caused him to yield and with the flattering of her lips she forced him to succumb.  He never knew what hit him until it was too late and his life was forever altered by his indiscretion. 

     Solomon’s advice was to stay away and avoid her deadly seduction.  Do not put yourself in a place where your judgment would become impaired and you would tempted to give in to her charms.  It is not only the weak she has cast down and wounded, but many strong, good men have been slain by her.  John MacArthur says it best, “It is not just weak men who fall, but strong men in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong thoughts for the wrong reasons.”   Let this be a word of warning to men and women alike.

In Christ,  Pastor Johnny