Pastor’s Desk June 25th



Scripture Passage: “Teach me your way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of my enemies.”  Psalms 27:11

Dear Friends,

     Have computers simplified or complicated life? Are we more in touch with our families and friends because of cell phones or are we less informed due to the lack of physical contact?  Does television entertain and relax or does it rob us of quality time with our family and friends?  Does the advancement of transportation serve as a catalyst to spend more time with family or does it make it easier to indulge in our selfish pleasures?  Does air-conditioning make life more comfortable or does it make being outside more uncomfortable?  Do video games actually enhance creativity and develop motor skills or are they artificial stimulus substituted for the “Real” thing?  Does pornography and immoral sexual activity satisfy a person’s sexual cravings or do they leave a person feeling empty, abused, mislead, and cheap? Is there really any substitute for a good book, or “The Good Book” for that matter? These are some of the questions I am contemplating as I observe life in the busy city of Nashville.

     Patty is in a business seminar and I am in a public place in the convention center people watching. I spent the morning in the restaurant with my books spread out studying and preparing sermons.  The place was huge with a lot of empty seating, but it seemed everyone who came in in needed to sit near me. Their conversations and activities were interesting and thought provoking.  As a result, I began watching and listening carefully to everything taking place around me.  I know I was incognito with my Bible spread out and my TBC book bags in plain sight, so they could not have possibly known that I was a preacher.  I was reading, writing, and listening all at the same time so as not to blow my cover.  Their conversations began to slowly evolve into topics concerning religious matters.  Oh, I wanted to join in the conversation, but chose not to in order to protect my cover.  The following are top secret observations and deductions from the day.

     Men still think they know everything and women KNOW they do.  Men are often vulgar and crude.  Women have developed the same mannerisms. The kind and gentle nature of the female sex has degenerated into one of masculinity and harshness.  Most men do not take their role as a man, and the responsibility that goes along with it, seriously.  Men seem to be more interested in themselves than anyone else.  All the devices and gadgets we possess hinder uninterrupted and meaningful conversation.  Cell phones detract from a really good meal, a beautiful day, and the joy of peace and tranquility.  Modern transportation may get us where we need to be faster, but I do not believe it enhances the pleasure of the journey.  When given the option, more people will choose air-conditioning over a cool breeze.  Sex sells, but does not satisfy.  Only God can do that. A good book and The Good Book both require critical and analytical thinking.  It may require more effort to understand, but the benefits are far richer than a video game.  The public bathroom is NOT a good place for an intimate and meaningful cell-phone conversation. Finally, the happiest people in the world are those who live a simple life.  Slow down. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy the journey.  You might just find the “Thing?” you have been searching for.

In Christ,

Pastor Johnny