Pastor’s Desk September 16th

Scripture Passage: “Honor your father and your mother: that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God gives you.”  Exodus 20:12
Dear Friends,
     I have been blessed with wonderful parents.  I never understood all the sacrifices they made for my siblings and me until I married and had children of my own.  They were good providers and protectors and raised us in an environment of responsibility and respect.  Love of God and family was the foundation upon which everything else was laid.  Looking back I realize how tough it must have been to raise three children in tough economic times and social unrest.  We never knew anything was going on because our home was a place of peace and security.  Momma and Daddy loved each other and us so it made for a wonderful environment to grow up in.
     My parents celebrated sixty years of marriage last year and are approaching their sixty first anniversary.  Some things have changed while others have remained the same.  The little Ford with the manual transmission has been replaced with an automatic four door Nissan. (Daddy can’t hardly change gears anymore.)  Trips to the woods have been replaced with trips to the doctor and driving has been limited to trips to the grocery store and Burger King.  The house still looks the same, but the occupants and furniture have changed slightly.  Walkers, canes, and hearing aids have been added to the setting as well as a lift recliner.  Fans have been replaced with air conditioners and the stove has been replaced with a heat pump.  The stove still remains in the basement for cold days when extra heat is needed.  (“You can’t back up to a heat pump and get warm when your body gets a chill.”) Gravy and biscuits every morning has been replaced with toast and jelly and homemade biscuits have been replaced with biscuits in a can. Momma still rewards daddy and us occasionally with a homemade breakfast, but arthritis limits the frequency.  The foundation of our family has never changed and love still holds the pieces together even though our families are separated by miles.  Daddy is still the boss and momma is the glue that holds us all together.
     Lest you think my family is perfect, I need to set your mind at ease.  We have our spats and at times get on each other’s nerves.  We still have obstacles to overcome and mountains to climb.  We do not always handle things correctly and sometimes the tension and stress is obviously present, but as a family we do what needs to be done.  My brother, sister and I do what we can to make sure momma and daddy are taken care of and they have what they need.  Even the grandchildren make daily or weekly calls to “check up” on mammaw and papaw.  My parents are still fiercely independent with minds of their own and we try to honor them by honoring their choices.  We are more like the “Waltons” than the “Cleavers” and a “Night John Boy,” Night Judy,” and “Night Bobby” still echoes through the hall at 104 Anderson Street via the telephone every night.  My faith and family are still the most important things in my life.
In Christ,
Pastor Johnny