Pastor’s Desk September 23rd

Scripture Passage:  “And you fathers, provoke not your children to wrath; but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”   Ephesians 6:4
Dear Friends,
    “When children are small they step on your toes, when they grow up they step on your heart.”  The last of the Carr children is getting married and leaving home.  Patty and I will experience what we have not known for thirty five years – being alone. Some people call it the empty nest syndrome while others call it freedom.  We just call it the next phase in our lives and to tell the truth we are looking forward to it.
    Emily was eight years old when we came to Fairview.  She had just been saved a couple of months before in VBS at Shepard’s Chapel. Emily has always loved music and adventure so a new church was right up her alley.  She has never been shy nor met a stranger so it took no time at all for her to adjust.  Emily’s new friends ranged in age from two to one hundred.  She always had someplace to go, someone to take her out to eat, and everyone bought her presents.  It is a wonder she is not more spoiled than she it.
    When Emily was very young she would go to music rehearsals with her sister Beth.  Beth is eleven years older than Emily.  She would sit behind the director during the rehearsal of “Into the Woods,” and correct the actors and musicians when they missed their part.  Mr. Nelson laughed and said he did not need an assistant when he had Emily.  By the time of the performance Emily had memorized the lines and songs of the entire production.
    Patrick is eight years older than Emily.  Patrick played ball with her and rode her on his golf cart.  He was her protector and later chauffeur.  When we had to be out of town, he was her babysitter.   Once he and Mandi married, Emily would rather spend the night with them than to stay with one of her friends.  There has always been a special bond between the two of them and now music is the common denominator that keeps their relationship strong.
    Enter stage left – Brandon Zortman.  Brandon and Emily met each other in their youth group at church.  Emily secretly had a crush on him during high school.  After high school they went out a couple of times, but decided to concentrate on college instead of dating.  He was at Bryon College and Emily was at Carson Newman.  Fast forward three and one half years.  Brandon made an appointment to see me at my office.  He came in and closed the door behind him.  He sat down and politely asked permission to date my daughter.  The rest is history and as of October 6
th the future also.
    My young daughter has grown up into a beautiful woman.  She is talented, an excellent teacher, and a fiercely independent woman.  She and Z love the Lord and desire to serve Him faithfully.  What more can a daddy ask for?  God bless Z and Emily and their life together.
In Christ,
Pastor Johnny