Pastor’s Desk September 30th

Scripture Passage:  “The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.”  Psalms 18:46
Dear Friends,
     Every day that I live produces new opportunities and challenges.  Some are filled with mundane task that are part of everyday life and ministry, while others are exhilarating and filled with emotional highs and lows.  Some days I feel up to the task.  Other days take a concerted effort to put one foot in front of the other.  There are days that my study time is like mining gems in a tropical setting.  The thoughts and nuggets of truth just keep coming to the surface.  Yesterday was like dredging a dry river bed.  I sifted through a ton of Scripture (it was all good) but I could only find minute traces of the treasure I was looking for.  This morning I went back to examine what I found yesterday and discovered it was part of the “mother lode.”  Let us put this gem under the microscope and see what we have.
     The Lord liveth.  Many prophets and holy men have come and gone throughout the course of history.  They have left teachings, legacies, and followers.  They established themselves as leaders, made disciples, died, was buried and their bodies deteriorated in the grave.  Many have memorials constructed at their graveside and followers make pilgrimages to visit the site.  They pray and leave gifts and sacrifices in honor of the one they follow.  The only problem is they are still dead.  The one I serve is very much alive.  He arose from the dead, ascended up to Heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for you and me.  His Holy Spirit lives within the hearts and lives of His followers and is a very present help in the time of trouble.  Kings and kingdoms come and go, but when I awoke this morning Jesus was still on His throne.
     The Lord is not only “The Rock,” He is “My Rock!”  He is steadfast and sure.  He is immovable and irreplaceable.  When everything else shifts, changes and leaves, He remains the same.  This Rock never changes regardless of the circumstances.   When I am sinking, He is the Rock I swim to and find safety on.  When the enemy attacks, He is the Rock I flee to and find safety in.  When I am discouraged, He is the Rock I look to and find comfort in.  Blessed be the Rock of my salvation, my deliverer and friend.
     Let the God of my salvation be exalted.  I have always had heroes.  In my childhood, they were Batman, Tarzan, and The Lone Ranger.  In my teenage years they were Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Don Williams.  In my young adult years, they were Kenneth Carr and Pat Blair. Now they are Jesus Christ, Adrian Rogers, and Charles Stanley – in that order.  My focus has changed and so has my hero worship.  I pray that the name of Jesus Christ be exalted in my life, or in my death.  For He alone is worthy of my praise.
In Christ,
Pastor Johnny