What We Believe

Fairview has three documents that members affirm upon their membership in regards to our faith, our covenant with God and one another, and our purpose and values.

Purpose & Vision Statement


We are a family of believers led by God to worship, grow and build relationships as we reach out to serve and proclaim the Truth of the Gospel to our community and world.


The Bible: We believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, complete Word of God and is the standard by which all the programs and activities of this body will be evaluated.


We believe that the discipline of personal and corporate prayer is the essential ingredient of a growing relationship with God and the foundation of a healthy vibrant church body.



We believe that God alone should be exalted, adored, and praised both individually in private devotion and collectively in public worship.


We believe in encouraging and assisting each other to discover our talents and develop our character in the life–long process of walking with God.


We believe that all members are called to love and are responsible to minister in obedience to our Lord’s command through willing service, faithful attendance and financial support.



We believe we are bound by the command of our Lord to intentionally share our faith with our community and world.
Fellowship: We believe the fellowship of the body is to be developed and maintained by cultivating relationships in Christ-like love through submission and accountability to each other.